Preferred Property Preservation

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Without proper winterization, unoccupied properties can suffer serious damage to heating, plumbing and other systems during cold winter months. To prevent these problems, Preservation Pro USA service teams drain the hot water tank and all water lines, forcing air through the system to ensure that water is completely removed. Systems are then pressure tested to check for leaks, with antifreeze added to all sink drains and traps. All toilets are cleaned and antifreeze added to bowls and tanks. Electric, gas and water utilities are turned off except where a sump pump is installed, in which case electrical service is maintained.

Notification stickers showing date of service and service contact information are placed on all winterized components and systems. Triggered by a change in property status and/or seasonal weather conditions, Preferred Property Preservation de-winterization services restore all systems to normal working order.

A report with supporting photos documenting all winterization services is supplied to the client.

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